Turnberry Grille And Patio

We are very excited to serve you in our brand new Turnberry Grille and Patio!   Please see the below information when considering this facility for your future dining visits.

Reservation Policies

Seating inside the Turnberry Grille and on the Turnberry Grille Patio is on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are not accepted for this facility. Please see the hostess upon your arrival to be seated.  No more than 12 people per table.

Seating in front of the Outdoor Bar:
The tables located directly in front of the Outdoor Bar (between the pillars and the bar) are in an adult-only area. Seating in this area and at the Bar itself is first come, first served. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to sit in this area.

Please See A Hostess
To Be Seated

Please be sure to see the hostess to be seated if you are dining on the Patio or in the Turnberry Mixed Grille. If you are dining in the Men’s Grille, seating is first come, first served.

Menu Information And Family Night

Please be aware that it will no longer be possible to allow items to be ordered from the Main Dining Room menu if you are dining in the Turnberry Grille and Patio and vice versa. However if you have any special dietary needs or restrictions, please give us a call in advance and we will make every effort to accommodate your need.

If you are joining us for Family Night and wish to utilize the Kids Room on this night, you must dine in the Main Dining Room. Otherwise, your children must be with you in the Turnberry Grille and the menu available for the children will be the Turnberry Kids Menu.

To-Go Orders

If you are placing a to-go order to be picked up at the turn, please call the Turnberry Grille at 770.623.1239 x1104. We do our best to have it ready on time, however if we fail to time it exactly, it may be due to the high traffic level dining-in and we will bring it to you if this happens.
As always, we are delighted to make your food order to-go for you. However, if you are placing a to-go order during the evening (dinner) hours, certain restrictions have been put in place in order to ensure the best possible service for members who are dining in the restaurant. If you call us and we are not able to accommodate your to-go request, it is solely because we are not able to due to current or anticipated traffic levels, and it will depend on time of day and day of the week. It is particularly difficult to fill large to-go orders from this facility, especially without ample notice. Please call us as far in advance as possible if you have a larger order to place.


Parents, as a courtesy to fellow member diners, please be sure to keep your children seated with you at your table while you are dining, including outside on the Patio. In addition, it is unsafe to allow your children to roam throughout the dining tables while servers are trying to deliver food and beverages to the tables. We would hate for an accident to happen as a result.
The area directly in front of the Outdoor Bar is an adult-only area. You must be 21 or older in order to be in this area.


Please adhere to the below attire requirements and be sure to inform your children and guests before coming to the club to dine:
Clubhouse Attire (includes the surrounding Patio area)
  • Required - Tasteful casual attire, including golf and tennis attire.
  • Jeans are permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse and must be in good taste (not torn, ripped or excessively baggy)
  • On “Family Night” the Clubhouse dress code still applies
  • St Ives Country Club Special Functions which require a dress code such as “jacket’s required” will be identified with the specific event publications
  • St Ives dress code applies to all adults and children 12 years of age and older


Smoking is permitted in the area directly behind the Golf Pro Shop (uncovered) only, as well as around the lower of the two fire pits. Due to its proximity to the covered dining area, smoking around the upper fire pit is not permitted.
Smoking is not permitted inside the Turnberry Mixed and Men’s Grille as well as under the covered Patio.
      Inappropriate clubhouse attire includes:
  • Shorts or tennis attire in the Formal Dining Room
  • Athletic/workout attire
  • Sweatshirts and inappropriate t-shirts
  • Cut-off shorts, short shorts, bathing attire, and bare feet
  • Flip flops on the upper level of the Clubhouse
  • Hats on the upper level of the Clubhouse AND inside the Turnberry Mixed Grille after 6:00pm
  • Shirts that are un-tucked unless designed to be that way (Tommy Bahama Style)