General Instruction Packages, Clinics, 
and Private Lessons

Whether you need a quick tune up or want to develop a long-term game development program, Mollie Boney, our Director of Instruction, offers a variety of programs and pricing packages to meet each student’s time and budget.

July Special with Mollie Boney
9H Playing Lesson    $120


Package Descriptions

5 Lessons/10 Lessons

A series of lessons is one of the best ways to improvement. Mollie will customize your own game improvement plan and with consistent instruction, you can be sure to lower your scores.

5 lessons: $380 Member and $480 Non-Member
10 lessons: $710 Member and $910 Non-Member

4 Week Program/8 Week Program

With Mollie's 4 week program, you can have unlimited instruction up to 8 hours over 4 weeks, or up to 16 hours over 8 weeks! Lessons can be in increments of your choice (up to 2 hours at one time), making sure to fit your busy schedule.

4 week program: $500 Member and $600 Non-Member
8 week program: $1000 Member and $1100 Non-Member


Prepping for a Tournament? Learning how to practice? This program will definitely meet your needs. Mollie's monthly package consists of (two) 1 hour private lessons  + (1) 45 minute supervised practice session. Take your game to the next level with proper practice!

Monthly: $225 Member and $280 Non-Member

Junior Series of 6/8

While St Ives has plenty of Junior Programs to offer, we understand that schedule conflicts may interfere. Consider a building your own coaching plan instead! *Group pricing is available.

Private Lessons: $75/hour Member and $85/hour Non-Member
Junior series of 6: $410 Member and $470 Non-Member
Junior series of 8: $500 Member and $560 Non-Member

Monthly Junior

Keeping junior golfers consistent is a major key to their improvement. With this program, they will not only learn fundamentals specific to the growth of their own game, but a proper practice plan and schedule. Knowing how to practice properly can quickly escalate your junior golfer to the next level. This package includes (two) one hour private lessons + (1) 30 minute practice session.

Monthly Junior: $180 Member and $210 Non-Member

Private Lessons

One on one instruction.  All private lessons include video analysis

$95/hour Member and $120/hour Non-Member
9-Hole Playing lesson: $190 Member and $220 Non-Member
18-Hole Playing lesson: $375 Member and $440 Non-Member

Putting Lab Analysis

Tuesday, July 11th
11:00am - 2:00pm - By Appointment Only

Don’t let aerified greens stop you from working on your putting! Spend approximately 25 minutes in our St Ives Putting Lab where you can learn the ins and outs of your putting stroke. Parameters covered include: alignment at address, alignment at impact, path at impact, stroke path and rotation, shaft angle, impact spot, speed at impact, and stroke tempo. Be sure to e-mail Mollie and set up your appointment today. $35 Member