SICC Architectural Landscape Guidelines

Architectural & Landscape Review Parameters

For Improvements to Neighboring Yards Within the 30-Foot Easement
Effective November 7, 2007

The Homeowners Association Review Committee is the Architectural Standards Committee or ASC and the Club’s Review Committee is the Grounds Committee. The Grounds Committee meets monthly. All requests must be submitted to the contact person two weeks prior to the meeting date. Requests submitted after the cutoff date will be reviewed at the next month’s meeting.
  1. Upon being notified of a request, a form will be sent outlining the parameters, along with an application to be signed and returned to the Grounds Committee and the ASC which will state that they agree to abide by the procedures. The contact person for the Grounds Committee is the Chief Operating Officer’s Executive Assistant. The contact person for the ASC is the Property Manager, Jan Pittman. The homeowner may contact either the ASC or the Grounds Committee for this information and it will be forwarded to the homeowner. Once either party sends this package to a homeowner, they will notify the other parties involved.

  2.  All improvements shall require landscape plans that show the boundary lines (including the 30-foot easement line, designated by white PVC pipe, which marks SICC property), existing landscape that will remain, pictures and new landscape material to be planted, before work may be done. This includes but is not limited to: the trimming of limbs, the cutting of trees, the planting of any type of plant material, the installation of walls, pools, patios, fences, decks, etc.

  3. The Grounds Committee may consult orally before the plans are done, but this does not give the homeowner the authority to begin without the plans. Written permission must be received from the HOA before any work may begin.

  4. An agreement may be given at the time of the oral discussion outlining the parameters, but this is not an official approval.

  5. The homeowner will submit to the Grounds Committee the application, a $25.00 check made payable to St Ives Country Club represented by the Grounds Committee,  and the landscape plans. However, the homeowner may request an oral consultation without having formal plans drawn up. All meetings require the homeowner be present.  The $25.00 check covers the initial paperwork and a half hour of Grounds Committee consultation, the cost will be an additional $25.00 per half hour thereafter.

  6. Once the Grounds Committee has received the proper paper work they will discuss the request at the next monthly meeting and make a recommendation to the ASC for their review. The ASC will review the request and respond to the homeowner with their recommendation. Please note the proper paperwork should include a copy of the plat of this land which includes landscape drawings indicating where the boundary markers are (including the 30-foot easement line); description and placement of fence if applicable; what type, how many and placement of any plants, trees, and/orbushes to be planted or removed and the type of grass to be planted or sod to be laid (if applicable).

  7. Once the ASC receives confirmation from the Grounds Committee, the homeowner will be given approval by the ASC.

  8. Approvals for improvements will be valid for up to 12 months. If the work is not completed within 12 months, the request must be resubmitted.

  9. New plants must be planted within 30 days of the removal of any existing plants.