Competitive Program

ALTA Leagues - Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association

Enjoyable, yet competitive, ALTA offers men, women, and juniors an opportunity to compete against other facilities in a team format.

The league is comprised of divisions based on ability, and is governed by ALTA. The teams are then matched up against other teams in their division.

In addition to offering spring and fallplay, ALTA also provides adults with a Mixed Doubles League in the winter and summer for year-round tennis enjoyment.

USTA Leagues - United States Tennis Association

The USTA provides local competition to men, women, and juniors during the summer and winter seasons.

This league is comprised of divisions based on a NTRP rating scale (2.5 - 5.0) set up by the USTA.

In the adult format, teams compete by playing two singles matches and three doubles matches. The USTA allows the junior teams to be made up of both boys and girls, providing strong team camaraderie among all.

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